round [-er] adj

OFr rund- < L. rotundus related to rota, wheel.

  1. Circular; spheric.

round adv

see round, adj.

  1. In the area; [fig.] randomly; unsystematically; without a direct course.
  2. Phrase. “Round and round”: around; about; in circles; in a circular motion.

round n

Fr. rond or absolute uses of round, adj.

  1. Circuit; compass; circumference; tour of duty; [fig.] inspection; review; examination; evaluation.
  2. Season; cycle; time period; [fig.] reign; rule.

round prep

see round, adj. and around, prep.

  1. Surrounding; encircling; moving in a circle about.
  2. Around; in the same area.
  3. Outside of; close to; standing near to; in the area of; gathering in the vicinity of.

round v

see round, adj.

  1. Circulate.
  2. Wait outside of; stay close to; stand near to; gather in the area of.