yellow n

see yellow, adj.

  1. Gold; bright color; hue that reflects the most light, next to white; [fig.] ray of sunset glow.

yellow [-er] adj

OE geolu.

  1. Golden; aureate; bright; radiant; brilliant; vivid.
  2. Sunlit; shining; luminous; light giving; [fig.] final; last.
  3. Loud; penetrating.
  4. Warm; sunny; temperate.
  5. Eternal; everlasting.
  6. Sharp; keen; acute; narrow; [fig.] jaundiced; resentful; critical.
  7. Royal; majestic; glorious; godly.
  8. Mortal; human; [fig.] kindly; charitable; generous.
  9. Simple; humble; pious; god-fearing.