show [-ed, -eth, -ing, -n, -s, shewn, shown] v

OE sceawian, to look, to see.

  1. Demonstrate; prove; make evident; cause to be clear.
  2. Exhibit; display; present to view.
  3. Appear; look; seem.
  4. Cause to appear; enable to be seen by; [fig.] explain; enable to see a concept mentally.
  5. [Fig.] bear in order to prove or exhibit faithfulness.
  6. Lead; escort.
  7. Render; represent.

show [-'s, -s] n

see show, v.

  1. Carnival; circus; elaborate exhibition; event held in a portable building with a charge for admission.
  2. Appearance; ostentatious display.
  3. Performance; public presentation.
  4. Spectacle.