shut [-ting, -s] v

OE scyttan, obstruct, shut up.

  1. Close; bring together the outward covering parts.
  2. Close itself; be closed.
  3. Deny entrance by closing; hinder coming in or going out by means of.
  4. Exclude; preclude.
  5. Make inaccessible.
  6. Confine; prevent; stop.
  7. Cease; suspend an operation.
  8. Fold; gather together.
  9. Phrase. “Shut down”: close by lowering.
  10. Phrase. “Shut up”: confine; imprison.
  11. Phrase. “Shut the door”: stop communication.
  12. Phrase. “Shut down”: suppress.
  13. Phrase. “Shut the Door”: reject association with others.
  14. Phrase. “Shut out”: exclude; keep away; prohibit entrance; refuse admittance; deny admission to.
  15. Phrase. “Shut in”: confine.
  16. Phrase. “Shut up”: confine by legal or moral restraint.
  17. Phrase. “Shut the Door”: leave this world.