side n

OE 'old, extensive'.

  1. Margin; edge; verge; border; the exterior of anything considered in length.
  2. The part of an animal between the back and the face and belly; the part on which the ribs are situated.
  3. The space immediately beside or in close proximity to someone.
  4. One or other direction to either hand of an object, space, or imaginary line; the position, space, or area implied in this.
  5. Any part being in opposition or contradistinction to another.
  6. One part of a think; its superficies.
  7. An aspect or part of something.
  8. A position viewed as contrasted with another; viewpoint.
  9. Any part considered in respect to its direction or point of compass; any direction.
  10. Party; faction; sect; any man or body of men considered as in opposition to another.
  11. The slope, declivity, or ascent, as of a hill or mountain.
  12. The right or left lateral part of the trunk of the body.
  13. Phrase. “This side”: short of; not beyond.
  14. Phrase. “Side by side”: beside one another.