sight ['s] n

OE; see see, v.

  1. Seeing; beholding; perception by the eye.
  2. Glance; glimpse.
  3. Faculty of vision; the eye; view
  4. Range of vision; open view.
  5. Eye; instrument of seeing.
  6. That which is beheld; a show; spectacle; view.
  7. Mental view; viewpoint, opinion, judgment.
  8. Phrase. “In sight”: at or within a reasonable distance.
  9. Phrase. “In sight of”: at a position commanding a view of something.
  10. Phrase. “Out of sight”: invisible; disappeared.
  11. Phrase. “Out of sight”: beyond comparison; beyond all expectation or reason.
  12. [Fig.] catching.

sight [-ed, -s] v

see sight, n.

  1. To get or catch sight of.