sign [-s] n

Fr. < L. 'mark, token'.

  1. Token; omen; indication of the approach of something.
  2. Representation; visible mark.
  3. Seal; stamp; certification; mark of attestation; written closure message upon a document.
  4. Mark; device having some special meaning.
  5. Placard; advertisement; board at a shop door showing the tenant's occupation.
  6. Signal; report; message.
  7. Motion; action; gesture indicating some idea, wish, or command.
  8. Phrase. “Crucifixal sign”: gesture of reverence in the shape of the cross; cross-like hand motions made by members of the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church.

sign [-ed] v

see sign, n.

  1. Inscribe; affirm an agreement; give a signature to; write one's name underneath the body of a contract; confirm a declaration, promise, covenant, or grant.
  2. Assign; allocate; give away by signature on a legal document.
  3. Signal; lead; point the direction for.
  4. Make a meaningful gesture; communicate without using words.