out adv

OE út.

  1. Manifest; to show; to display; to exhibit; to present; to expose; to reveal.
  2. There; in that place.
  3. Away; separated; removed; spaced.
  4. Loose; free; unbound; not imprisoned; [fig.] alive; escape from the mortal body.
  5. Gone; empty; exhausted; used up.
  6. Omitted; erased; deleted; as an ellipsis.
  7. Moving beyond.
  8. Excluded; not included.
  9. Expired; snuffed; extinguished; [fig.] dead.
  10. Forward; forth; onward; advancing.
  11. Phrase. “Out of sight”: gone; away from view; [fig.] transported; translated; carried off; invisible to mortal beings.
  12. Phrase. “Find/finding out” (see also find, v.): discovering; realizing; beginning to understand; coming to know.

out prep

see out, adv.

  1. Among; the group of; the selection of; a wide variety of.
  2. Phrase. “Out of town”: gone; beyond; departed; traveling; on vacation; no longer in the vicinity; [fig.] wilted; not in season.
  3. Phrase. “Out of”: lacking; depleted from having.