single adj

OFr < L. 'one, individual, separate'.

  1. Isolated; separate; [fig.] celibate; unwed; not married; without a mate; having no lifelong companion.
  2. Unique; special; specific; outstanding; singular; one of a kind; consisting of one only.
  3. One of many; separated from others; distinct from the rest.
  4. Solitary; standing alone; [fig.] lonely.
  5. Identical; inseparable; one and the same.
  6. Orphaned; abandoned; neglected; left alone.
  7. Simple; sole; basic; uncomplicated.
  8. Pure; clear; elegant; refined; superior; [fig.] extraordinary.
  9. Individual; solo; without harmony; having one voice part; separate from the whole choir; (word play on “sing”) singing; musical; birdsong; [fig.] poetical; lyrical.

single n

see single, adj.

  1. Only one; one of a kind; [fig.] soul-mate; loyal friend; faithful companion.