slow [-er, -est] adj


  1. Late; tardy; not fast enough; not happening in a short time.
  2. Dull; unschooled; inexperienced; not clever; not mentally quick; lacking in understanding; [fig.] mortal; human; earthborn.
  3. Careful; deliberate; timely; measured; [fig.] enduring; abiding; age-old; long-lasting; from ancient times; [metaphor] metrical; poetic; lyrical; scriptural.
  4. Difficult; arduous; heavy; not easy to do.
  5. Hard to come by; not easy to obtain; acquired little by little.
  6. Long; not passing quickly; taking a great deal of time.
  7. Lasting; lingering, constant; not ending soon; [fig.] eternal; everlasting.
  8. Hesitating; cautious; [fig.] patient; longsuffering; persevering; enduring.
  9. Not hasty; not precipitate; step by step.

slow [-er] adv

see slow, adj.

  1. Gradually; not rapidly; with moderate motion.
  2. Not immediately; little by little; with gradual speed.
  3. Carefully; deliberately; not all at once.
  4. Imperceptibly; not noticeably.
  5. Heavily; not quickly; not swiftly; delayed in motion; moving a short distance in a long time.
  6. Without rushing; wanting the moment to last.
  7. Tenderly; without rushing; [fig.] lovingly.
  8. Tardily; retroactively; not soon enough inactively.
  9. Phrase. “Too slow”: not fast enough; not arriving in time for an event.