smile [-s, -'s] n

see smile, v.

  1. Upturning of the corners of the mouth; brightening of the features of the face; expression of pleasure, joy, or kindness; facial joy that may include shining eyes.
  2. Happy moment; joyous experience.
  3. Kindness; favor; countenance; act of charity; [fig.] comforting messages; uplifting thoughts; letters containing poems or flowers.
  4. Brightness; pleased countenance.
  5. Acceptance; favor; sign of approval; expression of encouragement.

smile [-ed, -'s, smiling] v


  1. Show a happy face; make a facial expression to show pleasure, amusement, affection, moderate joy, love, or kindness.
  2. Sneer; express contempt; make a scornful look of pleasure at another's discomfort.