some adj


  1. Approximately; about.
  2. An unspecified one, one among all, one, any.
  3. An undetermined day in the future.
  4. A few, a number of.
  5. A different one, another.
  6. Unspecified amount, a part of, not all.
  7. A place or person worthy of consideration, a remarkable one.
  8. Unspecific person; just one person among all the people.
  9. A portion.

some pron

see some, adj.

  1. One place or one person, an undetermined and unknown one.
  2. An unspecified number of persons, a few persons, not all.
  3. Person; unspecified number of persons.
  4. A portion, indeterminate part, a few (except people).
  5. Phrase. “Some like”: something like; a word similar to; how to approximate the pronunciation of the name.

some adv

see some, adj.

  1. A little; for a moment; more or less.