over [oer] adj

“over” modifying a noun; see over, adv.

  1. Complete; full; past; done; finished; fulfilled; halted; at an end.

over [oer, o'er] adv

OE; “over” modifying a verb to tell where or how an action occurs.

  1. There; to the place where you are.
  2. Above; upon; touching.
  3. Beyond normal limits; out of bounds.
  4. Again; repeatedly.
  5. Finished; past; ended; [irony] repeated; recurring; happening again; [fig.] at a distance.
  6. Completely; thoroughly.
  7. Higher than.
  8. Phrase. “view … o'er”: survey; look across; examine from one end to the other; [ED quotation from a hymn text by Isaac Watts.]
  9. Phrase. “over and over”/“oer and oer”: repeatedly; endlessly; many times; again and again.
  10. Phrase. “run it over”: review it; repeat it; go through it again.
  11. Phrase. “over there”: far away; in the distance.
  12. Phrase. “count … o'er”: recount; account for all of; [fig.] review; remember.
  13. Phrase. “turn o'er and o'er”: look at carefully; examine by sight repeatedly; study visually for a long time; return the gaze to again and again.

over [o'er] prep

“over” + noun phrase; see over, adv.

  1. Across.
  2. Up from.
  3. Up; upon; upward.
  4. Covering; on top of; upon the surface of.
  5. On the other side of.
  6. More than; greater than; above and beyond; to the extreme degree of.
  7. Surpassing; superior to; with greater power than; from a higher position than.
  8. Farther than; moving above and beyond; towards a greater extent than.
  9. Through; all around.
  10. Throughout the whole of.