stand [-ing, -s, stood] v


  1. Be in an upright position on the feet.
  2. Remain.
  3. Exist; be.
  4. Left a mark; stain; make shadows.
  5. Have a place; be on the same level; be equal in stature; maintain status.
  6. Come into the presence of; arrive.
  7. Bear; Endure.
  8. Be located.
  9. Come.
  10. Be still; remain firm.
  11. Linger.
  12. Become.
  13. Phrase. “Stand up”: Be alive; live; be upright on one's feet.
  14. Phrase. “Stand upon”: Get up; put yourself on your feet.
  15. Phrase. “Stand upon their heads”: Turn upside down on your head.
  16. Phrase. “Stand by”: Watch; see; witness.
  17. Phrase. “Stand for”: Signify; equal; mean.
  18. Phrase. “Stand on”: Crush; hurt; trample.