step [-s] n

see step, v.

  1. Stair; threshold; stairway; door stoop; entrance platform.
  2. Short distance.
  3. Footfall; noise of walking.
  4. Act of locomotion; increment of walking.
  5. Section; part of the journey; unit of distance; [fig.] moment; unit of time.
  6. Path; route; [fig.] example; way of daily life.
  7. Stride; [fig.] movement; motion; course; flowing; stream of air.
  8. Progress; march; trudging; plodding; effort to climb upward.
  9. Footprint; [fig.] sign of a presence; mark that someone is near.

step [-s, stepped, stepping, stept] v


  1. Walk; move by foot.
  2. March; stride.
  3. Proceed; go forth; move on; continue forward.
  4. Pace; move back and forth; [fig.] access the past and present.
  5. Alight; climb down; [fig.] shine; glow incrementally.
  6. Tread; stand momentarily; put feet down.
  7. Dance; caper; frolic; gambol.
  8. Plod; trudge; [fig.] crawl; creep.
  9. Move; overflow; overrun.
  10. Phrase. “step aside”: walk away; move out of view.