stir [-red, -rest, -ring, -s] v

OE styrian, to make a disturbance.

  1. Move; [denotes a person/animal moving of their own volition]; [fig.] awake; arise; get out of bed; [fig.] raise; lift; [fig.] open; [fig.] travel; journey; [fig.] leave; flee; move out of the way; [fig.] twitch; quiver.
  2. Move [denotes an inanimate object being moved]; [fig.] garden; landscape; [fig.] loosen; unfasten; dislodge; [fig.] flitter; sway; rustle; move back and forth; [fig.] affect; arouse; animate; spur; incite; [fig.] spread; expand; [fig.] make ripples on [fig.] reawaken; become enlivened; [fig.] lay bare; become exposed [fig.] attracted; enamored; allured; enticed.
  3. Excite the intellect; lift the spirits; quicken the understanding; enliven the mind; increase in ability.
  4. Function; operate; work.
  5. Affront; oppose; contend; contest; impugn; challenge.
  6. Dwell; live; reside; abide; exist. (750/790)

stir n

see stir, v.

  1. Stimulation of mind or spirit; evocation of emotion; elevation of feeling.
  2. Movement; [fig.] opening.
  3. Disturbance; commotion; disorder; upset; disruption.