summer [-'s, -s] n

OE 'half-year'.

  1. Warmest season; time of the year between spring and autumn.
  2. Estival; [fig.] delightful day; time of complete joy.
  3. Growing season; time in the northern hemisphere when plants, flowers, and other living things flourish.
  4. June 21<sup>st</sup> through September 20<sup>th</sup>; time period of about three months.
  5. Fullness; high point of the seasons; time of longest days; period of most light in the year; [word play on “sum”] auditor; accountant; one who casts up an account (see NW's definition “one who casts accounts”).
  6. Phrase. “Summer's full”: Midsummer; time of most sunlight in the calendar year; solstice that happens about June 21<sup>st</sup> each year in the northern hemisphere of the earth.
  7. Phrase. “Indian Summer”: (see Indian, proper adj.)

summer adj

see summer, n.

  1. Sunny; warm; having good weather; pertaining to the growing season of the year.