take [-en, -s, -th, -ing, took] v

OE tacan, grasp, grip, seize, lay hold of.

  1. Pack; transport; convey; tote; carry with; bring along.
  2. Grab; pick up.
  3. Accept; receive.
  4. Remove; strip; snatch; extract.
  5. Dispatch; cause to die; transport away by death; bring through the veil of mortality.
  6. Speak; say; pronounce.
  7. Seize; capture.
  8. Confiscate; appropriate from an opponent in battle.
  9. Lift; raise; elevate; [fig.] cradle.
  10. Adopt; affirm; espouse; postulate; mentally claim.
  11. Use; apply; employ; implement; utilize.
  12. Eat; consume; partake of; break into bite-sized pieces.
  13. Diminish; deactivate; temporarily disrupt.
  14. Choose; select; include; admit; allow to enter in.
  15. Make; perform; attempt; essay; try.
  16. Assume; move into; transfer into; live within.
  17. Feed on; prey upon; [fig.] destroy; obliterate; demolish; ruin; annihilate.
  18. Expend; involve; require; delay; occur during; come to pass in.
  19. Understand; consider; think of.
  20. Achieve; accomplish.
  21. Secure; feel; sense; procure; obtain.
  22. Learn.
  23. Move; shake; stir; stimulate; [fig.] make music with.
  24. Handle; experience; bear; withstand; endure.
  25. Earn; deserve; merit.
  26. Have; receive; be in the attitude of.
  27. Clasp; hold.
  28. Ascertain; determine; calculate; specify; find out.
  29. Make time for.
  30. Gather; harvest.
  31. Alternate; exchange; go back and forth in.
  32. Believe; trust.
  33. Appear to have; become similar to.
  34. Inherit; go into.
  35. Catch; achieve; succeed in having.
  36. Translate; transfer; [fig.] call; beckon.
  37. Lead; guide; transport.
  38. Recant; abjure; forswear; retract; withdraw the error of.
  39. Require; necessitate; need.
  40. Go; wend; progress; pass on.
  41. Phrase: “Take a backward look”: remember; reminisce; glance again; resume a past pattern; review the past; return to a former scene.
  42. Phrase. “Take/took up”: gather; collect; assemble; pack; bundle to carry.
  43. Phrase. “Take care”: watch out; be reverent; have respect.
  44. Phrase. “Take away”: steal; pilfer; abscond with; deprive of.
  45. Phrase. “Take my chance with”: gamble on; decide to deal with; accept the possible outcome of.
  46. Phrase. “Take … by surprise”: startle; do the unexpected; act in a way not anticipated.