tender [-er, -est] adj

Fr. 'tender, delicate.'

  1. Personal; intimate; sensitive; exquisite; emotionally vulnerable; [fig.] airy; ethereal; delicately written; carefully scribed.
  2. Gentle; subtle; understated; unpretentious; pleasing.
  3. Refined; delicate; sweet.
  4. Weak; faint; waning; solicitous.
  5. Meek; compassionate; long-suffering; understanding; merciful.
  6. Poignant; thoughtful.
  7. Young; youthful; little; small; earlier stage; first part of life; not yet fully developed.
  8. Delicate; soft; lacking harshness.

tender [-er] adv

see tender, adj.

  1. Sympathetically; with pity; with more sentiment.