term [-s] n

Fr. < L. 'limit, boundary'.

  1. Moment; minute; interval; set period of time; [fig.] opportunity.
  2. Name; word; expression; phrase; definition; logic; syllogism of three parts; [word play] time period; [fig.] condition; promise; propositions of a contractual agreement; provision of a legal arrangement.
  3. Name; identity of an individual.
  4. Word; expression; lexical item used to identify a thing.
  5. Length of one's life.
  6. Condition; restriction on a transaction.
  7. Limit; boundary; [fig.] measure; line of music; [metaphor] statement; expression in words; line of poetry.

term [-ed] v

OFr 'bring to an end, limit, fix'.

  1. Named; labeled with a word.