tight [-er, -est] adj

ON þéhtr.

  1. Securely locked; firmly shut.
  2. Snug; close; taut; next to the skin.
  3. Constrained; restricted; curtailed; reduced; decreased amount of oxygen in.

tight [-er, -est] adv

ON þéhtr.

  1. Firmly; securely.
  2. Intensely; with increased pressure; with a determination not to let go.
  3. Restrained; constrained; held captive; narrowly confined; not free to move; in a very small amount of space.
  4. Closely; narrowly.
  5. Densely; heavily; [fig.] with intense atmospheric pressure.
  6. Phrase. “the tighter”: more firmly; in a stronger grip; with greater intensity in touching; with an increase in the pressure of physical contact.