toil [-s] n

AFr dispute, contention, forensic strife.

  1. Labor; effort; [fig.] mortality; earthly cares; this life's troubles, tests, worries, etc.
  2. Work; function; operation; routine.
  3. Task; job; chore; duty.
  4. Business; occupation; career.
  5. Drudgery; a grind; hard work.
  6. Exertion; sweat; travail.
  7. Profession; [fig.] opera.

toil [-ed, -ing] v

AFr to strive, dispute, wrangle.

  1. Phrase. “toiling at”; working on; [fig.] warming; heating up; shining upon.
  2. Phrase. “toil for”: work towards; labor for the cause of; [fig.] profess; defend; speak up about.