tropic adj

L. tropicus < Gk.

  1. Exotic; sultry; [fig.] colorful; exuberant.
  2. Verdant; lush; floral; rich in vegetation; [fig.] pertaining to spring; [word play on “tropical” < “trope”] poetic; lyrical; rhetorical; metaphorical; figurative; symbolic; allusive; analogical.
  3. Tropical; equatorial; belonging to the Tropics; pertaining to areas of warm climate on either side of the equator; [fig.] emotive; capable of feeling.
  4. Sunny; warm; hot in temperature; [fig.] passionate; affectionate; sentimental.

tropic n

see tropic, adj.

  1. Zone; band; latitude; parallel; geographic area; warm color at dusk on the horizon; [word play on “trope”] image; figure; ornament; metaphor; symbol; allusion; analogy.