true [-r, -est] adj

Sax. treow, faithful, faith, trust.

  1. Honest; honorable; upright; virtuous; trustworthy; sincere; not deceitful; truthful in actions; unfeigned in feelings; free from falsehood.
  2. Authentic; reliable; dependable; trustworthy.
  3. Real; verifiable; not false; not pretended; realized in actual experience; actually to be fulfilled.
  4. Genuine; pure; real; rightly answering to the description; not counterfeit, adulterated, false, spurious, or imaginary.
  5. Steadfast; loyal; faithful; constant; firm in allegiance.
  6. Conformable to fact; according to reality; in accordance with the actual state of things.
  7. Straight; right.
  8. Exact; precise; conformable; according.