try [tried, tries, trying] v


  1. Bear; endure; remain.
  2. Strain; struggle.
  3. Judge; examine judicially; prove by witnesses; examine by principles of law.
  4. Attempt; essay; seek; test the ability to.
  5. Endeavor; exert strength; make an effort; work in order to progress; stretch forward to accomplish something.
  6. Use; utilize; borrow.
  7. That tries; that tests severely, that is a trial.
  8. Evaluate; ascertain the relevance, strength, goodness, value, or truth of.1126/Fr1243 / Till I have finer tried – / The Poet searched
  9. Examine; scrutinize; analyze; make experiment on; take a chance; prove by experiment.
  10. Phrase. “try one's wings”: attempt to fly; rely on the power of flight; [fig.] relocate; accept the next stage of bereavement; move to the next phase of development.