turn [-ed, -ing, -s] v

OE < L.

  1. Rotate; revolve; move round; have a circular motion.
  2. Return; go back to.
  3. Become; convert to; change into; transform as.
  4. Avert; revert; deflect; draw back.
  5. Go; leave; depart.
  6. Come back; be delivered; be able to move towards.
  7. Evict; dismiss; push away; forcibly remove.
  8. Agonize; writhe; struggle; twist in pain; wrestle in the mind.
  9. Spin; whirl; rotate; move like a wheel; cause to move in a circle; [fig.] present; introduce; exhibit; show off.
  10. Fold over; mark by creasing.
  11. Refer; remind; recollect; persuade; prompt to remember; change the opinion of.
  12. Move; shift; [fig.] view; gaze on; look in a mirror at.
  13. Adjust; alter the view of; change the position of.
  14. Miss; long for; pine after; desire to go back to.
  15. Go back to; move back towards; direct steps again to.
  16. Change; progress; revolve; move forward in time.
  17. Spend time with; seek company of.
  18. Gaze; focus; direct attention; shift awareness; look with disapproval.
  19. Reply; answer; respond.
  20. Reverse; go back; move the other direction.
  21. Phrase. “Turn away/from”: leave; depart; go from.
  22. Phrase. “Turn out”: Expel; exclude; drive away.
  23. Phrase. “Turn away”: dismiss; reject; deny access; forbid entrance.
  24. Phrase. “Turn to/unto”: accept; take; receive; be in the presence of.
  25. Phrase. “Turn out”: avoid; stay away.
  26. Phrase. “turn o'er and o'er”: look at carefully; examine by sight repeatedly; study visually for a long time; return the gaze to again and again.

turn [-s] n

see turn, v.

  1. Detour; digression; roundabout way; winding path; meandering course; bend in the road; [fig.] disappointment; setback; letdown; reversal.
  2. Attempt; try; assay; opportunity to succeed.
  3. Time; appointment; chosen time; designated moment.
  4. Chance; opportunity; luck; good fortune.
  5. Change of direction.
  6. Outpost; lookout; military position; place for retreat; [fig.] loss; death.
  7. Fate; destiny; portion; circumference; misfortune; lot in life; part to play.