back adv

see back, n.

  1. In a direction behind.
  2. Folded down upon itself.
  3. Away; in a direction away from.
  4. In response.
  5. In the past.
  6. Delayed in time.
  7. Returning; so as to return; in reverse.
  8. In remembrance; in retrospect.
  9. Previously.
  10. Before; returning in time.
  11. Phrase. “lay … back”: restore; return to place.
  12. Phrase. “Take back”: withdraw; renounce; disavow.

back [-s] n


  1. Unseen upper part; [fig.] boundary; far side; outer form.
  2. Upper posterior side; shoulder and spinal cord area; dorsal part of the human body.
  3. Phrase. “Turn one's back”: reject; withdraw from.