be [-en, -ing] v

OE bé-on, become, come to be; see also are, is, was, were, and related forms.

  1. [Used to form an imperative sentence] stay; remain; keep yourself.
  2. [Subjunctive main verb] is; become; progress until.
  3. [Imperative] live; endure; exist.
  4. [Used with a present participle to form the future or conditional tense.]
  5. [Used with the past participle to form the passive voice.]
  6. [Passive] continue; persevere; persist.
  7. [Imperative] sojourn; tarry; visit; occupy a place.
  8. [Subjunctive; used to link a subject to a predicate adjective so that the predicate describes the subject.]
  9. [Modal + “be” infinitive] occur; happen; arise; take place; come to pass.
  10. [Used to express the subjunctive; used to form literary or archaic expressions.]
  11. [Used with a present participle to form the progressive tense.]