bear [bearest, bearing, -s, bore, borne, bourne] v

OE 'carry a burden', 'bring forth fruit'.

  1. Carry; deliver; transport; convey in the arms.
  2. Include; entail; consist of.
  3. Serve; give; administer; dispense.16/A13-8 I would distill a cup – / and bear to all my friends, / drinking to her
  4. Ponder; contemplate; regard; figure out.
  5. Take; seize; grab; snatch; usurp; confiscate.
  6. Suffer; withstand; [fig.] have within as a sign of valor.
  7. Fulfill; complete; answer to; be accountable; have as a duty.
  8. Disclose; reveal; tell; relate; pronounce; speak; communicate; declare; express; testify; (see John 10:25).
  9. Contain; hold; suppress; conceal.
  10. Float; buoy; conduct; support in the flow; carry along on the surface.
  11. Uphold; hold high; keep upright; maintain with dignity and order.
  12. Perform; intone; vocalize; sing; play for.
  13. Honor; esteem; respect; revere; remember; retain; identify with; (see Exodus 28:12; Acts 9:15).
  14. Present; display; exhibit; manifest; provide; demonstrate; show forth.
  15. Lift; raise; elevate; [fig.] exalt.
  16. Look; stare; gaze; inspect; scrutinize; press.
  17. Appear; seem; have; possess.
  18. Be known by; take upon as identity; commit in marriage to.
  19. Endure; undergo; agree to; dutifully tolerate.
  20. Wear; cover self with; be clothed in.
  21. Bolster; brace; secure; fortify; reinforce; sustain; undergird; hold up.
  22. Remove; revoke; withdraw; take away.
  23. Mother; engender; breed; generate; give birth to.