beggar adj

see beg, v.

  1. Poor; impoverished; indigent; hungry; needy.

beggar [-s, -'s] n

see beg, v.

  1. Mourner; bereaved person; one who has lost a loved one; someone standing in need of comfort.
  2. Almsman; indigent; mendicant; destitute soul; individual without assets; person with little or no money; one who has no means of temporal support; (see Luke 16:20-22).
  3. Hungry person; person with little or no food.
  4. Hungry bird; dependent creature; one who relies on providence for sustenance.
  5. Supplicant; petitioner; one who asks insistently.
  6. Commoner; pauper; mundane citizen; ordinary human being; person of the lowest socio-economic status; (see 1 Samuel 2:8).
  7. Suitor; unrequited devotee; one pursuing romance.

beggar [-ed, -s] v

see beg, v.

  1. Impoverish; ruin financially; cause one to become poor.