behind adv

OE bi- + hindan 'direction from'.

  1. Belated; delayed; overdue; tardy; too late.
  2. Remaining; lingering; not taken with; (see 1 Samuel 30:9).
  3. Backward; back in time; to the former direction; (see Genesis 19:17, 19:26).
  4. Yesterday; (see Psalms 139:5).
  5. Back in place; in a posterior position.
  6. Prior; previous; complete; finished; in the past.
  7. Away; to rest; out of sight.
  8. Visible to the rear.
  9. Lagging; trailing; delayed in position.
  10. Phrase. “Leave behind”: abandon; forsake.

behind prep

see behind, adv.

  1. Beyond; on the far side of; in the background of.
  2. After; following; in light of; in the wake of.
  3. Hidden by; obscured by.
  4. Hidden to view of; out of sight of; in back of.
  5. Supporting; upholding; sustaining.
  6. On the other side of.
  7. In the past of; already experienced by.