bend n

see bend, v.

  1. Slouch; droop; hunch; weak spot.
  2. Turn; orbit; circuit; revolution; trajectory.

bend [bended, bending, bent] v

OE 'restrain with a bond, fetter, confine'.

  1. Brace; bind; constrain; conform; make fast.
  2. Hunch; stoop; work with total attention.
  3. Submit; acquiesce; surrender; yield; [fig.] accept death.
  4. Grow; extend; move with flexibility; (see Ezekiel 17:7).
  5. Bow; incline; genuflect; lean over slowly to show respect; (see Isaiah 60:14).
  6. Focus; center; adjust; turn the gaze of.
  7. Arch; curve; span; circumnavigate.
  8. Descend; condescend; [fig.] kneel.
  9. Move; shift; stir; [fig.] awake; arouse; affect.
  10. Hover; linger; draw near.