bird [-s, -'s] n

ME byrd.

  1. Mortal being; transitory creature; [fig.] angel; spirit; essence of a dead loved one.
  2. Fowl; winged creature; warm-blooded vertebrate with feathers; member of the class Aves.
  3. Quick-moving creature; [fig.] feeling; emotion; sentiment; affection.
  4. Nestling; hatchling; chick; baby fowl; [fig.] child; offspring.
  5. Whistler; [fig.] informer; reporter; gossiper; messenger; secret-bearer; tattle-tale.
  6. Nesting creature; [metonymy] melody; song; tune; [fig.] happiness; hope; joy; good tidings.
  7. Far-flying creature; [fig.] explorer; navigator; sailor; mariner.
  8. Creature used in sacrifices and offerings; [fig.] Savior; Christ; (see Leviticus 12:8).
  9. Communicative creature; [fig.] thought; idea; intelligence.
  10. Singing creature; [metaphor] poet; minstrel; author of lyric verse.
  11. Phrase. “Patriarch's bird”: Noah's dove; the dove that Noah sent forth from the Ark to look for land after the flood (see Genesis 8:8-12).
  12. Phrase. “Blue Bird”: [see bluebird, n.]
  13. Phrase. “Humming Bird”: [see hummingbird, n.]