blood n


  1. Red body fluid; life-supporting liquid circulating through the body; (see Leviticus 17:11).
  2. Feeling; temper; mood; sensation; circulation; rush of adrenalin; emotional activity; inner situation; state of mind; [fig.] hope; longing for freedom;
  3. Smear; gore; [fig.] sign of emotional distress.
  4. Kin; family; lineage; race; inheritance from ancestors; [fig.] commitment; covenant; bond; promise; vow; pledge; obligation; (see Hebrews 13:20).
  5. Life; mortality; incarnation; fleshly nature; (see Ezekiel 3:18).
  6. Red; scarlet; crimson; [fig.] sunset glow (see 2 Kings 3:22).
  7. Flesh; meat; [fig.] nourishment; food and drink; (see John 6:55).