blue [-st] adj

ME blew > OFr bleu.

  1. Soothing; safe; comforting; familiar.
  2. Constant; unchanging; consistent; unvarying; eternal.
  3. Sad; low; gloomy; depressing; downcast; miserable.
  4. Pale; thin; weak; tentative; hesitant; wavering.
  5. Waterlogged; [fig.] choking; suffocating.
  6. Heavenly; celestial; moonlit; related to the atmosphere.
  7. Aqua; color of frozen water; [fig.] cold; chilly; frost-bitten; without circulation of blood; lifeless; spiritless; almost dead.
  8. Deep; vast; extensive; ample; oceanic; marine; related to the sea.
  9. Azure; celeste; cerulean; of the tint of the sky; of the hue of the sea; having one of the seven colors of the spectrum into which light divides.
  10. Phrase. “Blue Bird”: [see bluebird, n.]

blue n

see blue, adj.

  1. Hue of the sea; one of the seven spectrum colors that light produces through a prism.
  2. Color of Union Army uniform in the Civil War; [fig.] celeste; one of the sunset colors.
  3. Sky; atmosphere; firmament; heavenly color.