bold [bolder, boldest] adj

OE bald.

  1. Strong; healthy; well-made; [fig.] lasting; eternal; immortal; resurrected.
  2. Aggressive; forward; discourteous; rude.
  3. Intrusive; intervening; interfering; meddlesome.
  4. Bright; vivid; vibrant; sunny; shining; blazing.
  5. Impressive; spectacular; stirring.
  6. Assertive; self-assured; positive.
  7. Powerful; mighty; authoritative; commanding; lordly; masterful.
  8. Loud; raucous; blaring; jarring; squawky.
  9. Courageous; brave; not afraid; able to move forward; (see Proverbs 28:1).
  10. Fresh; new; glowing; blooming.

bold [-ly] adv

see bold, adj.

  1. Bravely; courageously; fearlessly; assertively; with confidence; (see Mark 15:43).
  2. Securely; sturdily; firmly.
  3. Resolutely; unyieldingly; unshakably; calmly; without revealing anything.

bold n

see bold, adj.

  1. Gallant one; fearless person; brave individual; someone not easily put to shame.