bosom [-s] n

OE < IE 'arm', 'space between the two arms of a person'.

  1. Upper front part of the human body's trunk; [metonymy] body; physical being; mortal frame; (see Proverbs 6:27); [fig.] corpse; cadaver; remains.
  2. Breast; chest; front; figurehead; anterior section; upper portion of a human being's torso; (see John 13:23); [specifically] image; look; appearance; countenance; visage; persona.
  3. Breastplate; secure place; protective shield; [fig.] spirit; essence; being; consciousness; divine center.
  4. Heart; center of affection; seat of the passions; core of human emotions; [fig.] vulnerability; sensitivity; tender feelings; (see Isaiah 40:11).
  5. Horizon; skyline; compass; atmosphere; expanse of heaven.