brave [-r, -st] adj

Fr. < It. bravo.

  1. Adventurous; bold; daring; intrepid; willing to explore.
  2. Valiant; undaunted; fearless; not dismayed; [fig.] willing to try again; persistent in seeking truth.
  3. Admirable; honorable; noble; dignified; excellent.
  4. Trusting; hopeful; willing to face adversity; having faith that good will prevail.
  5. Sturdy; hardy; robust; enduring; long-lasting.
  6. Courageous; heroic; fearless of danger; fierce in battle.
  7. Bright; flashy; vivid; lively; buoyant; glorious.
  8. Resolute; perseverant; determined to survive.
  9. Loud; noisy; brassy; musical; [fig.] victorious; triumphant.

brave adv

see brave, adj.

  1. Clearly; directly; brightly.

brave n

  1. Hero; champion; warrior; protagonist; [fig.] mortal being; dying person.