breath [-s] n

OE 'odor,' 'smell,' 'exhalation from cooking or burning'.

  1. Pattern of inhalation and exhalation; interchange of air through the lungs.
  2. Existence; life force; (see Job 27:3).
  3. Moment; brief time; single respiration.
  4. Wind; air currents; forces of the atmosphere.
  5. Word; speech; discourse; language; communication; (see Psalms 33:6); [fig.] poetry.
  6. Mortality; earthly state.
  7. Respiration; [fig.] life; animation; vitality.
  8. Sob; cry; lament; expression of grief; (see Lamentations 3:56).
  9. Effort; endeavor; exertion; attempt.
  10. Pain; agony; spasm; throe; expression of anguish.
  11. Period; stage; phase; manifestation; expression; aspect.
  12. Phrase. “Hold … breath”: freeze; become still; cease moving; no longer appear.
  13. Phrase. “Out of breath”: windy; breezy; blustery; breathing out deeply; [fig.] exhausted; spent because of exertion.