bride [-s] n

OE brýd.

  1. Fiancée; betrothed female; woman about to be married.
  2. Person; human being; man or woman.
  3. Rose; pollen-filled flower; fellow creature; partner in nature.
  4. Wife; married woman; [fig.] whole person; complete individual; resurrected being; immortal soul.
  5. Newlywed woman; female on her wedding day; [fig.] member of the Church; covenant spouse with Christ the Bridegroom; (see Isaiah 61:10).
  6. Maiden; young woman; [fig.] deceased female; young lady who has died.
  7. Chosen one; elect lady; spiritual nominee; candidate for sacred covenant (see Revelation 21:9).
  8. Spouse; helpmeet; marriage partner; constant companion; [fig.] revelation; apocalypse; divine disclosure; (see Revelation 21:2).