bright [-er, -est] adj

OE beorht, shine.

  1. Dulcet; lyrical; mellifluous; harmonious; ringing; sweet in sound; [fig.] pleasant; happy; delightful; joyful.
  2. Colorful; vivid; brilliant; full of various hues.
  3. Vital; lively; active; [fig.] enduring; still believing; not fading.
  4. Lit; shining; luminous (see Luke 11:36).
  5. Burning; blazing; glowing; emitting warmth and light (see Ezekiel 1:13).
  6. Yellow; golden; shiny; sharp; metallic.
  7. Sunny; fair; good-weathered.
  8. Resplendent; splendid; beautiful; [fig.] sublime; divine; heavenly (see Revelation 22:16).
  9. Good; positive.
  10. Evident; manifest; patent; obvious; apparent; visible; clear-cut.
  11. Radiant; refulgent; illuminating.
  12. Living; alive; existing; [fig.] sentient; intelligent.
  13. Clear; clean; pure; sparkling; transparent; [fig.] quick; swift; rapid.
  14. Glad; hopeful; cheerful; comforting; encouraging.

bright adv

see bright, adj.

  1. Well; fittingly; clearly; vividly; distinctly; colorfully.

bright n

see bright, adj.

  1. Place of light; illuminated domain; [fig.] paradise; realm of glory.