bubble [-s] n


  1. Globule; suds; foam; spume; air-pocket; round particle; [fig.] sunset hue; spot of color; patch of cloud.
  2. Gurgle; [fig.] death rattle; suffocating in fluids.
  3. Bladder; blister; cyst; wen; vesicle of water; soft receptacle filled with air; [fig.] fleeting thing; ephemeral object.
  4. Burp; belch; eruct; flatulence; gassy sound; [fig.] blip; echo; reverberation.

bubble [-ed] v

see bubble, n.

  1. Babble; burble; gush; flow; surge; ripple; rustle; effervesce; make a pleasant moving sound; [fig.] whisper; murmur sweetly; speak softly.
  2. Dissipate; scatter; decrescendo; [fig.] chirp; quaver; twitter; trill; warble.
  3. Create melody; make music; play a song; [fig.] compose lyrics; write poetry; create verses.
  4. Evaporate; dissipate; vaporize; disperse; disappear in particles; [fig.] recuperate; recover from agitation; [paradox] simmer; swelter; boil; seethe; churn.