emerald adj

see emerald, n.

  1. Green; made of pine needles.
  2. Grassy; [fig.] battleground; like a cemetery lawn; pertaining to a field.
  3. Leafy; lush; [fig.] bejeweled; ornate; decorated with gems.
  4. Phosphorescent; nearly transparent; [fig.] eerie; uncanny; having a pale ghastly light; [metaphor] tornado; tempest; twisting.
  5. Phrase. “Emerald Swing”: branch; [merism for “tree”.]

emerald [-s] n

OFr < L.

  1. Green beryl; precious stone; hexagonal prism; translucent crystal gemstone; [fig.] lawn; yard; glade; meadow.
  2. Greenery; leaves; verdure; dark green forest color; [fig.] green flash phenomenon.
  3. Flora; foliage; vegetation; plant life;
  4. Iridescence; prismatic green color.