burn n


  1. Spring; well; fountainhead.16/App13 drinking to her no more astir, / by beck, or burn, or moor!

burn [burned, burning, burns] v

OE and ON

  1. Flame; radiate light and heat.
  2. Radiate; give light by fuel; be in a state of combustion; (see Exodus 27:20).
  3. Shine; glisten; glitter; glow; sparkle; reflect pure light.
  4. Flare; display bright colors; exhibit the light of sunrise or sunset; (see Exodus 3:2).
  5. Hurt; injure; distress; scourge; punish severely; cause pain as if by fire; (see Job 30:30).
  6. Incinerate; destroy in flames; execute by setting afire; (see 1 Corinthians 13:3).
  7. Glorify; exalt; consecrate; sanctify; hallow; offer as a sacrifice; (see Exodus 29:18); make to shine; ordain to illuminate; set apart as a source of light (see Revelation 22:5).
  8. Remove; annihilate; take away; get rid of.
  9. Phrase. “Burn away”: slowly vanish; gradually disappear.
  10. Phrase. “Burn down”: exhaust; devour; deplete; consume like fire.