buy [bought] v


  1. Purchase; pay for (see Leviticus 25:15); [fig.] pluck; pick; select; take away; choose for one's self.
  2. Cause; elicit; induce; evoke; stimulate; draw out from someone.
  3. Experience; fulfill; actualize; accomplish; achieve; reach; (see Revelation 3:18).
  4. Get for a price; attain in exchange for something; [fig.] accommodate; facilitate; make happen more easily.
  5. Cover the costs; fulfill the covenant; honor the contract; comply with the agreement; make good on the promise; [fig.] redeem; deliver; provide salvation; (see Ruth 4:4).
  6. Obtain; acquire; procure; receive; pick up; (see Isaiah 55:1).
  7. Ransom; expiate; atone for; save by sacrifice; rescue from destruction.
  8. Appraise; evaluate; appreciate; assign worth to.