glow [-s] n

see glow, v.

  1. Degree of sunlight.
  2. Beacon; guiding light.
  3. Brightness; quantity of light.
  4. Dawn; sunrise; ray of light.
  5. Warmth; radiance; energy; life force.
  6. Phrase. “Glow Worm”: firefly; lamperyd; lightning bug; male coleopterous; winged insect that emits light from its abdomen; flying worm that radiates a phosphorescent pulse of light; [fig.] falling star; meteor flash.

glow [-ed, -ing, -s] v

OE glowan.

  1. Enlighten; illuminate; radiate light and warmth; [fig.] smile.
  2. Burn; beam.
  3. Shine; gleam; reflect colored light.
  4. Emblazon; be bright with color.
  5. Live; give forth heat of life.