gold adj

see gold, n.

  1. Gilt; aureate; brightly colored.
  2. Yellow.
  3. Sunny; beaming; shining; fair; radiant; refulgent.
  4. Excellent; burnished; refined; polished; worthwhile; most valuable; [fig.] purifying; spiritually sanctifying.

gold [-s] n


  1. Sunlight.
  2. Prize; hoard; reward; cache of precious metal.
  3. Most precious metal; heavy malleable metallic element that does not easily oxidize.
  4. Brilliance; brightness; [fig.] eloquence; poetry genius; power, strength, and beauty; [metaphor].
  5. Money; wealth; riches.
  6. Light; glory; spiritual fire.
  7. Value; great worth; [fig.] amity; kindness; cordiality; personal warmth; thoughtful expression.
  8. Pure element of great worth that alchemists tried to fabricate; [fig.] magic; true love; pure affection; romantic attraction.
  9. Yellow covering; saffron material; [fig.] pollen.
  10. Ring; wedding band; token made of fine metal; [fig.] royalty; Deity; godliness; holiness; sanctity.
  11. Ore; nugget; [fig.] truth; verity; the real thing; the highest standard; not “fool's gold”; the more valuable substance.