guest [-s] n


  1. Participant; invitee; celebrant; bystander; one in attendance; person invited to observe a special occasion; person to whom hospitality has been extended.
  2. Honored visitor; distinguished personage; person of high station; [fig.] sun; celestial body; chief orb in the solar system.
  3. Denizen; dweller; inhabitant; occupant; resident; [fig.] courtier; noble one; prince or princess.
  4. Passerby; one who comes from a distance; being who dwells nearby for a time; [fig.] spirit; [word play] ghost; [metaphor] breeze; current of air.
  5. Observer; fellow; associate; companion.
  6. Partaker of a feast; one invited to eat a special meal.
  7. Angel; holy messenger; heavenly being; unseen divine presence.
  8. Mourner; funeral participant; family and friends of the deceased person.
  9. Company; object of hospitality; one allowed to be present; person invited to partake.
  10. Important personage; unexpected temporary visitor.
  11. Lodger; boarder; roomer; traveler who dwells temporarily at an inn.
  12. Stranger; foreigner; one unknown to the family; person not a member of the household.