hand [-s] n

OE < Germanic.

  1. Worker; [metonymy] person employed to work.
  2. Protuberance; appendage; [fig.] branch; bramble; shoot; tendril.
  3. Palm with thumb and fingers; appendage used to carry an object; end of arm beginning at the wrist.
  4. Marker; pointer; indicators of time on a clock.
  5. Phrase. “Right hand”: [fig.] divine authority; presence of Deity; favor of God the Father (see Exodus 15:6; Matthew 25:32-33).
  6. Phrase. “Hand full”: handful; amount that can be held in the cupped palm and fingers.
  7. Phrase. “at hand”: near by; close by; not far away.

hand [-ed] v

see hand, n.

  1. Hold; maintain; gather; dispense; distribute; deal out; keep moving; [fig.] reflect; [metaphor] wind up like yarn.
  2. Give; grant; impart; confer; offer hand to hand.
  3. Phrase. “take thee by the hand”: Seize thee; capture thee; [fig.] receive thee; employ thee; accompany thee; deal with thee; work alongside of thee.