heart [-'s, -s] n

OE heorte < Germanic.

  1. Central part; innermost portion.
  2. Person; individual.
  3. Seat of feeling.
  4. Seat of courage; source of bravery.
  5. Chest; breast.
  6. Contractile muscular organ that circulates blood through the body; [fig.] seat of emotion.
  7. Character; disposition; temperament.
  8. Mind; center of understanding.
  9. Soul; innermost thoughts.
  10. Seat of love; hub of affections.
  11. Phrase. “poor little Heart”: lonely person; fragile individual; humble spirit; meek one; [term of endearment] darling; [fig.] delicate blossom.
  12. Phrase. “break the heart of”: crush; overwhelm with sorrow.
  13. Phrase. “honest heart”: sincere intent; truthful objective; honorable purpose.
  14. Phrase. “have heart”: spirited enough; sufficiently courageous; prevail upon oneself to do something.